What do "Black Christmas" and "A Christmas Story" have in common?

What do "Black Christmas" and "A Christmas Story" have in common?

When you think of the holiday season, you're likely to envision heartwarming stories, festive decorations, and jolly characters spreading cheer - especially when the tradition is to add about 2 or 3 new Hallmark channel movies around the theme every year. But what if I told you that there are two holiday films that break this mold? "Black Christmas" and "A Christmas Story" are two films you might not envision together - but they share more similarities than you might expect. Let's dive into the winter world of these unconventional holiday classics:

1. Non-Standard Christmas Settings

Both "Black Christmas" and "A Christmas Story" take place during the holiday season, but their settings couldn't be more different from the North Pole we usually get in Christmas movies. These films offer a refreshing change from traditional scenery. "Black Christmas" is set in a sorority house plagued by a mysterious killer, while "A Christmas Story" takes us to the nostalgic streets of 1940s Indiana. Who knew Christmas tales could happen outside of a church or Santa's workshop?

2. Outlandish Characters

Another thing that sets these films apart from traditional holiday movies is their cast of eccentric characters. In "Black Christmas," we meet a group of sorority sisters who find themselves in a terrifying predicament - and each character manages to bring their own quirks and unusual personalities to the table - making for an entertaining and suspenseful ride. Meanwhile, "A Christmas Story" introduces us to the lovable Ralphie and his unique family, including an obscenity-slinging father and pig-impersonating little brother. These characters are far from cookie-cutter, adding a unique charm to both films.

3. Unexpected Humor

While holiday films often rely on heartwarming moments and feel-good humor, "Black Christmas" and "A Christmas Story" take a different approach. They embrace a darker, more irreverent sense of humor that sets them apart from the typical holiday fare. From the pitch-black dark comedy of "Black Christmas" to the hilarious misadventures of Ralphie in "A Christmas Story," these films give us a refreshing dose of laughter that will keep entertainment levels high throughout.

4. Cult Followings

Despite their Black Sheep nature, both "Black Christmas" and "A Christmas Story" have garnered cult followings over the years. These films have become beloved classics for those seeking a break from the saccharine sweetness of other holiday movies. They have inspired countless fan theories, merchandise, and even annual marathons on TV. Who would have thought that a horror film and a offbeat nostalgic comedy could become holiday staples?

5. Directorial Brilliance

One of the most surprising similarities between these films is that they were both directed by the same person: Bob Clark. While it may seem like an unlikely pairing, Clark's versatility as a director shines through in both movies. He effortlessly transitions from horror to comedy, showcasing his talent for storytelling in different genres. It's a testament to his skill that he was able to create two holiday films that have stood the test of time.


So, if you're looking to shake up your holiday movie marathon this year, consider adding "Black Christmas" and "A Christmas Story" to your watchlist. These unconventional classics offer a unique take on the holiday season, filled with humor, suspense, and a healthy dose of the unusual. Who knows, they might just become your new holiday favorites!

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