Care Guide

Resin Care:

Resin and high heat do not mix! Avoid leaving your resin goods outside if the temperature is very hot.

If you’ve bought an ashtray, I recommend using it only to catch ashes for the design to last its longest. Snuffing the lit end of your joint or cigarette could make it harder to clean over time. Ashtrays can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

Acrylic Care:

If you’ve purchased Acrylic Jewelry, Keychains, Pins, or Home Decor - please do not clean them with alcohol as this can deteriorate the material. Use a microfiber cloth instead. Please avoid showering or swimming with jewelry on.

Many pieces are one of a kind - please handle them with care and love, as I did crafting them!

If you have any questions regarding care for your purchased product, please send an email to for assistance and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.