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Lowbrow Antics

Civic TV Videodrome Inspired Pins & Earrings

Civic TV Videodrome Inspired Pins & Earrings

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Stay up late with these Videodrome inspired pins and earrings! Show your love for the iconic David Cronenberg movie with a shiny acrylic piece, available in either 1.5" pins or 1" earrings. Each one is hand-painted with a precision needlepoint tip for exquisite detail, communicating the unforgettable statement to those in the know - LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH!

Each pin comes with two pin points and locking backings for a secure fit. Earrings feature gold plated brass posts, and are suitable for sensitive ears.

Please reach out with any questions ahead of your purchase to ensure a happy sale - whether it’s regarding sizing, materials used, or a potential customization desired ❤️

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